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Upcycled Clothing | Mens shirt to girls skirt,
in 2 hours or less

 upcycled clothing mens shirt to girls skirt by Pattern and Cloth

  1. This skirt was made for a 9yr old from a size XL mens soft cotton shirt. You can see the finished length on my instagram account.
  2. Work out the length you want the finished skirt to be. Take this measurement & add 9.75cm (Adjust this amount if you have a different width elastic, than what's stated). Cut shirt across chest horizontally at the combined measurement.
  3. Finish cut edge of bottom half of shirt with overlocker/serger, fold finished edge under 0.5cm & press. Fold to wrong side along 'fold line (top of skirt)' & press. Measure the length of elastic you'll need on your child's waist. Join ends to form loop & stitch. Sew along each stitch line as shown, encasing the looped elastic as you go. Remove pocket & button from shirt, & reattach to skirt.
  4. Optional: Add belt loops, cut & created from sleeves. Make belt from remaining upper back piece on shirt. Reposition buttons where necessary.

upcycled clothing sewing instructions for shirt to skirt by Pattern and Cloth