Size Chart

size chart for kids pattern and cloth

Our patterns are in both Metric & Imperial measurements to satisfy sewers from all corners of the globe. The metric (cm) measurement is always noted first, followed by the imperial (inch) measurement in brackets. 

Important Measurements

Keep in mind, a child's body measurements are not always standard from top to toe. As a guide, we've listed below the most important measurements to take into consideration when measuring a child's body for choosing which size pattern to download & sew:

Shorts - waist & hip measurements.
Skirt (loose) - waist measurement.
Skirt (fitted) - waist & hip measurements.
Top - chest measurement.
Dress with fitted bodice (fitted top half) - chest & waist measurements. 
Dress with loose bodice - chest & waist measurements.
Dress (fitted) - chest, waist & hip measurements.

Always check the finished length of your garment is to your requirements before cutting out your pattern. Please note some or our earlier patterns do not include the 'lengthen & shorten garment line' to help with lengthening or shortening your garment.
Here's my list of tools & equipment to help you find the right measurements.

Size Guide

Below are the metic & imperial size tables our clothes are based on. Use the above tips to help you decide which is the right size Pattern and Cloth pattern to download.

Metric Size Guide - Centimetres

Imperial Size Guide - Inches