Beginners Guide to Sewing

sewing tools meaning and the tools the beginner sewer will need

Essential sewing tools & equipment

Step 1. Equipment & Tools
Here's our list of essential equipment & tools that you'll need to get you sewing in a snap. We've broken the lists into 3 categories. The first being the essentials for printing & assembling your PDF pattern. The second is the essentials for sewing your garment & the third is our nice-to-have list of tools you can gather over time to make your sewing experience more streamlined. You can improvise with a lot of sewing tools in the meantime. I think I used a lead pencil instead of tailors chalk for the fist 10 years of my sewing life!

Step 2. Work out what pattern size you need
Its rare that any body is truely a standard size and shape. Because children's bodies have not yet developed into mature figures with curves and bumps, fitting children's clothing is far simpler than fitting an adults form. Take all your childs measurements & match them to the size indicated on our sizing guide chart to find the size pattern you are going to download.

Step 3. Choose your pattern
This is for me at least, where the fun really starts with sewing. Let your creative mind imagine what a garment could look like in a printed, plain or textured fabric. Choose the pattern you would like to create, & download the pattern.

Step 4. Buy your fabric
Follow the fabric guide on your pattern & select a fabric that you love. If you have an old garment that you've tucked away because you can't bare to throw it out. Pull it out & see if you can cut a pattern off of it.

Essential tools & equipment for printing & assembling your patternsewing tools meanings for printing and assembling pdf sewing pattern

Step 5. Prepare your fabric
It is really important that you pre shrink your fabric before sewing. This is especially important with fabrics that are made from natural fibres. You'll see exactly how to do this at the bottom of our fabric guide page.

Step 6. Print & assemble your PDF pattern
Once you've selected a pattern. Download, print & assemble your pattern.

Step 7. Cut paper pattern to size & transfer pattern markings on to fabric
Cut your Pattern and Cloth paper pattern to the size you require. Lay pattern pieces on your fabric as shown in your instructions. Transfer all markings onto fabric with your air-erasable pen/tailors chalk. Cut out fabric around pattern pieces.

Step 8. Sew
Take a deep breath & plunge right in. Get sewing & most of all, enjoy!