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new-childrens-clothing-store-opening-min.gifSummer this year is one that will be etched in my mind forever. It started off particularly warm for Auckland with the humidity taking over the city in early December & the warmness just didn’t abate. Sure, the rain came & went but the days stayed scorching & the nights balmy leaving my normal December attire of jeans tucked in the drawer. The summer warmth was a welcomed end to a long year.

The year before, a friend had found out that my children’s pattern making business was up & running. With eager excitement she said, “you should make kaftans for kids, I’ll buy them!”. Her pale skinned, strawberry blonde little girl was in desperate need of covering up with something light & airy. It wouldn’t be until a year later that I decided it was time to crack on & get that kaftan pattern sorted for that little girl’s birthday. So, the Aruba Kaftan was designed, & made. 

Aruba Kaftan in MidnightI've had such a great response from the gift that my husband harped on that “you should be making those to sell, because not everyone can sew you know!”. I am a sewing pattern brand catering to home sewers, so this didn’t really sound like a convincing argument to get me behind the machine for the summer. But it did get me thinking, sewers don’t always make everything they wear or what their children wear. Sometimes life just gets too busy, or they're indulging in another creative hobby & don't have time to sew. This has definitely been the case for me over the years. Either way, the love of handmade can still be appreciated & enjoyed even if it's made by someone else.

So, with the December heat blazing I started cutting & sewing kaftans to see if the world liked them as much as my friends & family…. I have to say I have a new appreciation for the women & men who sew ‘bulk’ fashion in mass production factories at discount prices. They are the true super stars of mainstream fashion.

I'm so excited to announce that my online Clothing Store has opened at! I’m going to say it’s a case of dipping my toes in to see if it works at this stage, but I had great fun sewing the kaftans & we'll see if others love them as much as my friends & I do.


Aruba Kaftan in Bloom

Aruba Kaftan

The Aruba Kaftans NZ$40 + postage, 100% cotton, handmade in New Zealand by yours truly & limited sizes & colours available.
Available in sizes small 3-5yrs, medium 6-8yrs & large 9-12yrs.

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