A Designer Life: An interview with fabric designer Holli Zollinger

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I’m ecstatic that my first interview is with someone who’s work I’ve truly loved for a long time. With a name like Holli Zollinger, I’m sure she was earmarked for a creative path from birth, & yes I checked it’s her real name. 
Holli, a self confessed shy introvert hailing from Moab, Utah is a designer & artist whom lucky for us, has been putting her unique creative talent to work designing textiles & wallpapers for the past 10 years. Holli’s earthy soulful disposition is well & truly reflected in her design & colour combinations, which she’s ready to let loose on her just being built Moab cottage. I absolutely love seeing Holli's designs shift as the influences & inspirations behind Holli's work change & evolve over time & with the recent launch of my new Little Havana girls dress pattern, I chose the Flamingo Coastal design from her Orlando collection for the pattern release. I caught up with Holli recently to check out what makes her tick, how she keeps the creativity flowing & what’s next for Holli

What’s the latest from Holli Zollinger right now?
I am still deeply invested in botanicals, but lately applying them in a way that feels modern & fresh.  Geometric & tribal designs still play an important role, as I love indigenous & global textiles. Also currently I am pairing down my color palette, to reflect subtlety & hues that are more slight, which feels very exciting to me.

The new release Little Havana dress pattern sewn in Holli's Flamingo Coastal print from the Orlando collection.

The new release Little Havana dress pattern sewn in Holli's Flamingo Coastal print from the Orlando collection.

Have you always wanted to design fabric or is it something that’s evolved over time?
I am currently wrapping up almost a decade in designing textiles!!  I taught myself illustrator about 10 years ago, & needed some way to apply it.  So I started designing fabric to sharpen my digital skills. Having been a visual artist for over 25 years,  graphic design was fairly new to me but so exciting.  Luckily, my hobby turned into a real career, I feel really blessed to be able to do it everyday!

Little Havana dress in Flamingo Coastal print.

Little Havana dress in Flamingo Coastal print.

Have family and friends been supportive of your creative pursuits?
Very, I have amazing family and friend support.  They have been with me from day one.

I see you’re in the process of building a house. Will it be filled with Holli Zollinger originals?Absolutely, you have no idea how much brain activity is ear marked for my future little desert bungalow :)

When you’re designing a range of fabrics, are they designed with an end use in mind?
I don't always have buyers or product in mind, I love to design without any limitations. Though lately, I am feeling the wallpaper trend, and would love to have designs used specifically for that use. 

When the creative juices have somewhat evaporated, what’s your go to, to reinvigorate
yourself & to come up with new designs?

I am still very much active on Pinterest & sites like this to keep on trend & refuel.

Do you feel like you’ve achieved all that you set out to do with your business?
Yes, & no. There's still so much I would love to do. But so amazed that I have come this far.

What’s on the horizon for Holli?
More designs, always!

Holli Zollinger

Your dose of inspiration right now…

Current obsession? Tile
Colour of the moment? Cement
Song on repeat? Clem Leek Album
Your idea of holiday bliss? Relaxing on a beach
Present creative crush? Moroccan Architecture

Do you sew?

Yes, I am embarrassed to admit though, only a little.  I can sew straight lines for things such as pillows and curtains, but I am lost on the variety of detail a garment would require.
I have a 9 year old boy.  And I am certain he would be mortified to wear anything I made for him.

Connect with Holli

Instagram         @hollizollinger
Facebook         https://www.facebook.com/holli.zollinger
Web                 www.hollizollinger.com
Pinterest          https://www.pinterest.com/hollizollinger/

Designs I love from Holli's collections

Holli Zollinger
Holli Zollinger fabric design Madamoiselle Palais Butterfly
Holli Zollinger dark study
Holli Zollinger fabric design garden amora
Holli Zollinger fabric design peacock poppy
Holli Zollinger fabric design splatter
Holli Zollinger fabric design shakimi 
Holli Zollinger fabric design

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